GraphQL Adapter for SAP PO


GraphQL is a language for selection of structured data that massively gains popularity for building APIs.

A GraphQL client can select fields and entities with a schema as needed by a use case. A GraphQL service that doesn’t need to “boil the ocean” to build a schema for all use cases and confuse clients that only need a subset of it. This is one of the major differences to “traditional” API approaches, where always a maximum set of fields need to be exposed or to a more extreme many small fine grained APIs need to be exposed.

The GraphQL Adapter for SAP PO allows you to use popular SaaS or self hosted GraphQL Services from SAP PO without any additional custom development efforts like Java Mappings, Adapter Modules etc..

The adapter uses a generator that conveniently transforms a GraphQL schema to ESR artefacts (WSDLs) ready to use for a PO developer. The adapter can use this XML based structures to invoke any GraphQL service and return its results. The PO developer can just simply use the existing toolset for configuration and monitoring to invoke GraphQL in a safe and simple manner.

Our current version of the adapter supports:

  • Call to any type of GraphQL Service via receiver channels
  • Lookup of GraphQL Services through Mapping lookup as it doesn’t need any ASMA’s (Adapter specific attributes)
  • Typical popular authentication methods like API keys, AWS IAM or basic authentication
  • Generator for XML schemas for GraphQL services

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