GCP Adapter for SAP PO


The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Adapter for PO allows you to connect your SAP system landscape to popular services of Google Cloud platform.

The Adapter implements authentication and GCP specific API calls via GRPC and HTTPS and supports the 2 most widely used Google services for data transfer (Google Pub Sub and Google Cloud Storage).

Our current version of the adapter supports:

  • Publishing of PO messages as Google Pub/Sub message with a receiver channel
  • Subscribing Google Pub/Sub messages as PO messages from 1..n topics with a sender channel
  • Create/Read/Update and Delete of Google Cloud Storage objects with a receiver channel
  • Query and Delete or Query and Move/Archive of Google Cloud Storage objects with sender channels to produce PO messages with their contents.
  • Subscription of Google Cloud Storage events to detect creation/changes/deletion of Google Cloud Storage objects in realtime to produce PO messages with a sender channel.
  • Payload Transformation from XML to JSON, XML to JSON
  • Deduplication of already processed Storage objects or Pub/Sub messages
  • Common security options like SSL and Google Service Account Credentials (IAM). as well as typical requirements like Proxy support for connecting from a company network infrastructure to Google Cloud.

The adapter is usable with the already existing SAP PO developer tools for configuration and monitoring and doesn’t need any external dependencies for certificate management or data schemas like other solutions.

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