SAP PO RESTful Adapter adds OpenAPI 3.0 Support

On addition to our support for Swagger 2.0 since 2017, our RESTful Adapter for SAP PO now supports Open API 3.0 (

The OpenAPI standard has become “the” broadly adopted standard for describing public or private APIs. Even SAP PO (above 7.5) comes with an adapter to support API “style” integration, developers still burden a lot of detailed configuration and development work to adhere an Open API definition.

Our adapter makes this extremely simple as the adapter can create an OpenAPI compatible service in SAP PO with a few clicks. Only implementation of the API with the usual development tools is left to the developer.

Open API definitions can be used in an “API first” approach to generate an ESR interface. The adapter can present the API via Swagger Console as OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger) or OpenAPI 3.0 description for consumers, testers or developers.

An API changes or get extended. Very simple, just regenerated and start testing with the included Swagger UI.

AWS Adapter 1.0.1 Released – SQS & S3 Enhancements

We just released our ne version of the AWS adapter for SAP PO.

With the new version you can subscribe also to S3 Event Notifications. If a S3 Object is uploaded, changed or deleted SAP PO can receive an Event via a SAP PO sender channel.
The channel will forward the new or updated object into SAP PO as a message with all metadata and content. Upon a deletion the adapter will forward all details on the deleted S3 object.

Another great new feature is the lift of the famous 256 Kb payload limit of AWS SQS messages. Our new version can also handle messages with a payload size bigger then 256 Kb (via S3 linking). Messages of a size bigger then 256 Kb will be saved as a S3 object and only a link is sent through SQS (as suggested by AWS via its Extended SDK extension).
A receiver can then fetch the message then from the S3 link.

Our adapter supports receiving such a message through a sender channel, as well as sending messages bigger then 256 K by such way as receiver channel configuration.

For feature completeness also the new S3 storage options are supported via configuration channel options (One-Zone Infrequent access as well as Intelligent tiering).

Keep it AWS(ome) with our AWS adapter for SAP PO!